Evaluation & research

I serve as external evaluator for a variety of educational projects, with a particular focus on faculty professional development.  My particular strength is to be able to synthesize results across multiple measures, providing meaningful recommendations to a project.  I bring professional expertise in:

  • Logic models and evaluation plans
  • Theory of Change
  • Survey development and validation
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Process evaluation
  • Formative and summative evaluation

I am a member of the American Evaluation Association.  See also my peer reviewed publications.

Current and former evaluation clients:

APS GRADUATE EDUCATION CONFERENCE, Graduate Education and Bridge Conference in Physics, American Physical Society, Dr. Ted Hodapp, 2017.

BPUPP TASK FORCE, Best Practices for Undergraduate Physics (BPUPP) Task Force, American Physical Society, Dr. Ted Hodapp, 2017.

RIT TEACHING TRIADS:  Building Community and Transforming Practice with Faculty Triads, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dr. Scott Franklin, 2016-2019.

PhysTEC:  Physics Teacher Education Coalition II. (NSF-IUSE).  American Physical Society, Monica Plisch, 2016-present.

APS PROFESSIONAL SKILLS WORKSHOP:  Professional Skills Development Workshops for women, American Physical Society, Ted Hodapp, 2016.

CS CONCEPT INVENTORY:  Infrastructure and Development of a Computer Science Concept Inventory for CS2 (NSF-IUSE), University of San Diego, Dr. Leo Porter, 2015-present.

NEW FACULTY WORKSHOP:  Enhancing STEM Learning through Faculty Development:  Discipline-Based Workshops and Faculty Learning Communities for Physics and Astronomy Faculty (NSF-TUES), American Association of Physics Teachers, Dr. Robert Hilborn, 2014-present.

PratherThe word that best describes Stephanie and her team is EXPERTS.  They are exceptional at evaluation methodology and providing insightful and professional reports that clearly identify a path for improving your program.  

– Edward Prather, University of Arizona (New Faculty Workshop)   

PERISCOPE:  Video Resource for Professional Development of University Physics Educators (NSF-TUES), Seattle Pacific University, Dr. Rachel Scherr, 2013-present.

Stephanie helps tune me in to what my project is supposed to be accomplishing and how we might measure that. She devises meaningful evaluation activities and carries them out thoroughly and professionally. I am grateful for her partnership!

– Dr. Rachel Scherr, Seattle Pacific University (Periscope)

McKaganStephanie is the best external evaluator and project manager out there. I’ve worked with many evaluators, and no one matches Stephanie’s ability to support large messy projects in staying organized and in communication, and to providing clear reports with insightful perspective on things that those of us on the project team don’t notice.  – Dr Sam McKagan, Director of Physport.org

IQ-BIOLOGY IGERT: IQ-Biology Graduate Training Program in quantitative biology (NSF-IGERT), CU-Boulder, Dr. Thomas Cech, 2011-2015.

IPLS CONFERENCE:  Introductory Physics for Life Sciences Conference (NSF-TUES), American Association of Physics Teachers, Dr. Robert Hilborn, 2014.

TEEN SCIENCE CAFÉ: Teen Science Café Network (NSF-AISL), Science Discovery, CU-Boulder Dr. Stacey Forsyth, 2013-2015.

ENGINEERING SCREENCASTS: LearnCheMe Screencasts and ConcepTests (NSF-TUES), CU-Boulder, Dr. John Falconer, 2013-2015.

ENGINEERING GAANNS: Graduate Assistance Program in Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (DoE GAANN), CU-Boulder, Dr. Robert McLeod, and Renewable and Sustainable Energy, CU-Boulder, Dr. Alan Weimer, 2013-2014.

ENGINEERING IGERT:   COSI Graduate Training Program in Computational Optics (NSF-IGERT), CU-Boulder, Dr. Rafael Piestun, 2009-2013.

CEAE WORKSHOPS:  Teaching Excellence Workshops (NSF-TUES), Center for Astronomy Education, U. of Arizona, Dr. Edward Prather, 2011

PHET:  Expanding PhET Simulations to Grades 4-8 (NSF-DRK12), CU-Boulder, Dr. Katherine Perkins, 2010-2013.