I can provide a variety of pedagogical workshops for faculty in how to use evidence-based teaching practices.  My particular areas of expertise are:

  • Setting learning goals and objectives
  • Using clickers and peer instruction

See also my professional talks

Commonly Offered Workshops

These workshops are extremely well-developed and have been offered dozens of times.  Many materials here.

  1. Are Clickers Right for You?
  2. Writing Great Clicker Questions
  3. Facilitating Clicker Questions Effectively
  4. Teaching Faculty about Effective Clicker Use
  5. Writing Learning Goals to Drive Instruction and Assessment.
  6. Techniques for Monitoring Understanding and Evaluating Students.
  7. Make Clickers Work for You:  4-8 hour workshop series
  8. Learning Goals and Assessment:  4-8 hour workshop series

Other Workshops

These workshops are well developed, but less commonly offered.

  1. Getting Around Student Pushback and Passiveness in Active Learning Classrooms
  2. The Art & Science of Teaching:  Some ideas from (physics) education research
  3. Assessment in College Physics
  4. What Every Teacher Should Know About Cognitive Research.
  5. Using PhET in the Classroom

Popular talks

I am also available to provide standard colloquium-style talks, mostly about careers and education research.

  1. The Science Education Initiative: An Experiment in Scaling up Educational Improvements in a Research University
  2. The Quasi-Linear Dynamics of a Career in Science Education
  3. A scholarly approach to science education: A research-validated approach to transforming junior E&M
  4. Getting the Word Out: Effective Communication of the Results of Our Work in Physics Education Research
  5. Speaking of Physics: The Art of Science Communication