I collaborate with a wide variety of wonderful people around the country. This page lists people who I subcontract consulting work to.  For lists of research collaborators, peruse my peer-reviewed publications.  For clients, see my client list.  If you are interested in being a subcontractor, please contact me!

Copyediting & technical support

Sunny Side Support, a Mac-tech support company with writing and editing expertise in-house, has provided stellar copyediting and technical support.

Video editing and production:

downloadMass FX Media, a Colorado-based, video production company that specializes in cinematography, motion graphics design and visual effects.

Evaluation, data analysis, and data visualization


Dr. Angela Little (Angela Little LLC) holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary STEM Education and is a national leader in physics equity and education initiatives.  Little’s specialty is the relationship between experiences (e.g. courses, workshops, equity programs, PD) and people’s skill development, sense of community, and sense of self. She has expertise in semi-structured interviews, surveys, and qualitative analysis. She has broad background in theoretical frameworks and the research literature STEM education. Little also has background in multimedia and creative ways of sharing out research results in STEM education.

Deborah Hemingway (Deborah Hemingway Consulting). Hemingway is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park. Deborah’s interdisciplinary research spans the fields of physics, biology, and education. As a consultant, she is particularly skilled in project evaluation, mixed methodology analysis, data visualization, and audio/video production. She also enjoys workshop and training session facilitation.

chattergoon_rajendraRajendra ChattergoonPh.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education.  Raj’s research interests include formative and summative assessment, educational and psychological measurement, and program evaluation.