Writing, editing & video

I provide a variety of creative writing services, including:

  • Report research and writing
  • Editing (including grant editing)
  • Audio production
  • Video direction

Past clients

J-TUPP CASE STUDIES. APS-AAPT, Joint Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Programs (J-TUPP), College Park, MD · Dr. Bob Hilborn. Researched and wrote case studies of thriving physics programs for national task force report. https://www.aps.org/programs/education/undergrad/jtupp.cfm. 2016.

heronStephanie assisted the Task Force by producing case studies of institutions that have developed innovative approaches to preparing students for diverse careers.  Her research and writing skills were well matched to this project, but her most important contribution was in synthesizing the results by identifying the unique features of the individual sites and to relating them to the larger themes of the report.

VIRTUAL NEW FACULTY WORKSHOP and VIDEOS ON TUTORIALS. PhysPort.org, Seattle, WA · Dr. Sarah McKagan. Filmed and produced virtual versions of the popular faculty workshop in physics. Produced four short films about the use Tutorials in Introductory Physics, as well as two short introductory films for the website. https://www.physport.org/nfw/ and https://www.physport.org/recommendations/Entry.cfm?ID=93383. 2015.

McKaganI learned when I tried that making a video requires a lot of skills in communication, production, and video editing that most scientists don’t have. Stephanie has a ton of experience in this area and is great at figuring out the essence of a project and walking you through the process of distilling that essence into a beautiful two-minute video that engages new users in your project. – Dr. Sam McKagan, director of Physport.org

MANUSCRIPT REVIEW. Western Michigan University · Dr. Charles Henderson. Reviewed guide, “Designing Educational Innovations for Sustained Adoption.” http://www.increasetheimpact.com/. 2015.

I>CLICKER BLOG & WEBINARS. i>clicker / MacMillan · James McNamee. Provided webinars and blog posts on topics relevant to clickers and peer instruction. https://www1.iclicker.com/blog/. 2011-2016.

CIRTL MOOC PRODUCTION. Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) · Dr. Derek Bruff. Created online “learning goals” module, and oversaw production of “assessment” module for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on research-based teaching practices, including video content delivery and student assignments. http://stemteachingcourse.org/. 2014.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CONTENT REVIEW. National Geographic TV · Dr. Paul Durbin. Reviewed physics content for television shows, “Science of Stupid” and “None of Above.” 2013-2014.

LEARNING ASSISTANT MODULE. Science Education Resource Center (SERC) · Dr. Cathy Manduca. Wrote a peer-reviewed online module about the use of Learning Assistants, with Valerie Otero. http://serc.carleton.edu/sp/library/learning_assistants/index.html. 2012.

CURRICULAR REVIEW. Lawrence Hall of Science SEPUP · Dr. Chris Keller. Reviewed science content in lesson plans for K-12 science. 2012-2013.

PUBLIC SCIENCE WRITING. JILA Communications Office, CU-Boulder · Julie Phillips. Wrote public-facing articles about scientific findings from JILA researchers. 2011.

PER PRESS RELEASES. American Association of Physics Teachers · Physics Education Research Leadership Organizing Council. Created outreach effort to generate press releases on physics education research. http://www.compadre.org/per/press/.   2012.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GUIDE. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics · Alex Griswold. Created a teacher workshop guide to accompany an online course on Annenberg Learner, Physics for the 21st Century. https://www.learner.org/courses/physics/. 2009-2010.

PODCAST PRODUCER. National Science Digital Library · Susan Van Gundy. Produced a monthly podcast on polar research for elementary teachers as part of the Beyond Polar Bears and Penguins project for the International Polar Year.   http://beyondpenguins.ehe.osu.edu/podcasts. 2009-2010.

Media productions

Virtual New Faculty Workshop, PhysPort (2015).   https://www.physport.org/nfw/

Tutorials in Inroductory Physics Video Series, PhysPort (2015). http://bit.ly/1OiNvMG

MOOC Module: Writing Learning Goals, CIRTL, (2015). http://stemteachingcourse.org

Teaching with Learning Assistants online module, SERC (2010). http://bit.ly/atzeHU

About PhET and Tips on Using PhET Simulations, video series (2012-present). http://phet.colorado.edu

SEI Clickers and Group Work Video Series(2010-2014).   http://stemvideos.colorado.edu

Learning about Teaching Physics Podcast Series(2011).   https://www.physport.org/podcasts/

Beyond Penguins Podcast , NSDL (2008-2010). http://beyondpenguins.nsdl.org/podcast

Professional Development Guide: Physics for the 21st Century. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Annenberg Media. (2010). https://www.learner.org/courses/physics/

Physicists’ Guide for Adopt a Physicist program. American Institute of Physics. December, 2009.

SmallTalk podcast, NISE Net (2007-2008).  http://www.nisenet.org/podcasts

Science Teaching Tips podcast, Exploratorium (2006-2007). http://exploratorium.edu/ti/podcasts

Inside a Solar Cell, web interactive for PBS NOVA (2007), http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/solar/inside.html